Schengen Visa Requirements

Before applying for Schengen visa application for traveling to Europe, one needs to follow and submit certain requirements and documents which are essential for getting visa approvals.

General Requirements For All Categories

Valid Passport

(include old, expired passports), should be valid of proposed travel duration, 2 blank pages minimum.

Color photograph

Max. 6 months old, background must be plain light colored, neutral face expression. (size 35 – 40 mm)

Visa application Form

Visa Application form should be properly completed & signed twice by the each applicant even when traveling as family or in groups.

Personal Covering Letter

Original letter with brief message & travel plan (Business owners and partners will use their company’s letterhead for preparing covering letter)

For Minors

When traveling without parents/legal guardians – authorization letter signed by both parents/legal Guardians.

Previous Travel

Photocopies of previous Visas. If Schengen visa was refused before then refusal letter copy can be attached.

Documents Required for Tourist Visa

Confirmed Travel Bookings
Confirmed Flight tickets, Hotel booking and Travel insurance (Hold temporary bookings can also be used for visa application)
Day-by-day Itinerary
Detailed Day-by-day Travel Plan & Itinerary which will reconcile with your travel bookings.
Proof of Financial Support
1. Past 3 years Income Tax Returns; 2. Past 3-6 months bank statements; 3. Employment Contracts, Pay slips (if salaried); 4. Business registration (if business owner or partner)
If sponsored trip
1. Sponsor letter; 2. Sponsor ID proofs & Passport copies; 3. Proof of sponsor relationship with applicant
If you are Employed
A NOC (No Objection Certificate) which should included name, position, current salary, date of hire, employer's (name, address, telephone numbers.
If Retired
Retirement certificate indicating amount of applicant's pension.
If Students traveling outside of school holidays
1. School letter confirming your standing reputation and approved absence leaves; 2. Parents or legal guardians must provide their personal bank statements for the last3 months; 3. Parents confirmation letter of financial support

Additional Required for Business Visa

Invitation Documents
1. Letter of invitation from the host organization in Europe; 2. Conference/event registration details.
Applicant's Details
1. Employment contract; 2. Details of your educational and professional qualifications.
Business History
Evidence of prior contact with European businesses.

Additional Required for Sports or Cultural Events

Invitation Documents
1. Invitation confirmation and booking from the host organization in Europe; 2. Detailed day-by-day event Itinerary

Additional Required for Medical Treatment

Medical Purpose of Travel & stay
1. Medical certificate of the approved doctor, stating that it is impossible to treat the patient in the country; 2. Prior payment of the quote or certificate of coverage by a credible and reliable organization; 3. Self-sworn statement of the visa applicant promising to pay any additional, unforeseen medical costs
Medical Treatment documents
Letter from a treating Doctor stating your medical conditions, treatment that will be required, etc.

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