How to apply for a Schengen Visa?

Schengen visa can be applied from any of the 26 countries which falls under Schengen agreement, however, its essential to understand basic steps which are required for getting appropriate Schengen visa approvals. Keeping this in line, the following article provides in-depth guideline for applying Schengen visa.

Select Your Short-Stay Visa Category

Tourism & Sightseeing; Visiting family & friends

Business & Official Visits, Study & Research Purpose

Cultural activities and international events; Sports events

International visit for getting Short edical Treatment

Schengen Visa Application Process..

Check Eligibility
Complete Forms & Documents
Ready Visa Letters & Supporting Documents
Give Biometric & Submit Documents
Check Eligibility
The first step is check your eligibility for applying for Schengen visa. After thoroughly review your financial & work profile and analyze chances of approval.
Complete Forms & Documents
Careful filing of Schengen visa application forms. Prepare day-by-day travel itinerary & plan along with flight, hotel bookings and travel insurance for the planned duration.
Ready Visa Letters & Supporting Documents
The third step is to ready visa letters such as personal covering letter, invitation or sponsor letters etc. In addition, ready all supporting documents required for application submission.
Give Biometric & Submit Documents
Lastly. take biometric appointments and visit on the schedule date to give your biometrics, submit documents and pay consulate fees. The visa decision will be given within processing time.

Important Points for Applying Schengen Visa

Selecting Right Schengen Embassy
Although there are 26 countries within Schengen zone, its very important to select the preferred embassy for your application which will yield best chances of approval. If your travel planning is flexible, you can definitely opt for this option.
Apply as before as 6 months in Advance
At present, the visa applicants can apply upto 6 months in advance from the travel date. Rather than waiting for the last month, people should take advantage and get their visa earliest approvals. Sometime consulates themselves may give longer validities, this can help the applicants to re-plan their trips accordingly and will have enough time to do so.
Never use fully confirmed travel bookings for visa application
While applying for a Schengen visa, it is advisable not to use fully confirmed flight & hotel bookings. Instead, one should use temporary hold booking which can be cancelled later depending on the type and validity of approvals received from consulate later.
Apply together with family members
It is always advisable to apply together with family members. A combined case together with family members create stronger chances of visa approval and treated as one common financial bucket.

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